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General Information

Entry Submission

Entries for all events are due January 10th 2025. Entries are to be submitted online via DanceBUG. 

Space is limited and studios are accepted on a first-come first-served basis.

Entry FEES

Entry fees for all events are due in full January 31st 2025. Entry fees can be found on the "Teacher Info" page. Interested studio directors please reach out to us for login info!

Routine Sizes

Solo - 1 Dancer

Duet/Trio - 2-3 Dancers

Small Groups - 4-9 Dancers

Large Groups - 10-15 Dancers

Lines - 16-24 Dancers

Super Lines - 25+ Dancers

Productions - 12+ Dancers (Minimum 6:00 minutes)

Performing with dancers missing:

Groups/Lines: A group/line performing with a missing dancer/missing dancers may remain in their category provided they do not fall below 4 dancers. In the event the number of dancers falls between 2 or 3 dancers the routine must be moved to the duet/trio category. 

Duets/trios: A duet/trio performing with a missing dancer/missing dancers may remain in the duet/trio category provided they do not fall below 2 dancers. In the event the number of dancers falls to 1 dancer the routine must be moved to the solo category. 

Routines changing categories should be moved to perform in their respective category if other routines exist in those categories. If that category has passed the routine will still be marked but will not be eligible for 1st/2nd/3rd in their category. 

Routines changing categories are eligible for high scores in their corrected category provided they perform in category with the other routines in that category.

Time Limits

Solos/Duets/Trios - 3:00

Small Groups - 3:30

Large Groups - 4:30

Lines - 6:00

Productions - 12:00 (Minimum 6:00)


*All routines will be timed. Any routine running over time will receive a 10 point deduction for each 10 seconds overtime. A 5 second grace period is granted.



Music must be submitted via DanceBUG by the entry deadline sent with your finalized event schedule.


Having backups of your music on iPod/laptop/USB is highly recommended. USB music should be in MP3 format clearly labelled (Three-digit entry # - Studio code letter - Routine title Example: 045-D-IHopeYouDance)

Wanna Dance staff uses a 3.5mm jack to play music, if you require an adaptor for your device please bring one.

Photography/Video Recording

Photography and video recording of any kind are strictly prohibited and will result in the disqualification of the routine. A professional DRC Video videographer and professional Dance Snaps photographer will be on-site for your convenience. Photos/videos can be ordered ahead on DanceBUG, or on-site during the weekend.

*In the event insufficient entries are received for a particular event only video will be available.

Competing against yourself

Solos - Soloists may not compete against themselves. Additional solos in the same discipline can be placed in the age category up from their own.

Groups/Lines must be 50% different dancers to compete in the same category. A studio may not compete against itself in the same category with identical performers.


Soloists may enter as many solos as they wish however, only their individual highest mark will be considered for highest overall awards. The exception being for the Soloist Of The Year titles.


A tentative schedule will be sent to each studio approximately two months prior to the competition start date. Any changes/corrections must be communicated by the studio director. Any changes made after the final schedule is distributed are subject to a $10.00 fee/change.

Workshop Classes

Our adjudicators teach master classes in the morning prior to the competition. This is a great way to get in-class feedback from the adjudicators and a great way to get warmed up for the day! Dancers can sign up for these classes at the door. Registration begins half an hour prior to the class start time. Classes are $15 each or 2/$25.

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